Is Rashid Yachts & Marina A Good Investment?

Living in Rashid Yachts & Marina means living the excellence. A waterfront destination where life is quite blissful for residents and from an investment standpoint this is the most sought-after community. So, this blog is all about why Rashid Yachts & Marina is a good investment destination in Dubai. Hence, if you are a first-time home buyer or investor in Dubai just read it carefully till the end. This article will educate you about Rashid Yachts & Marina and will aid you make a firm decision regarding investment in this superb locality of Dubai. 

About Rashid Yachts & Marina 

Rashid Yachts & Marina is a AED 25 billion Riviera-style waterfront community by Dubai’s reputed developer Emaar Properties, which is well known for its luxury residential area. Here the community boasts luxury skyscraper builders, beautiful scenery, calm Arabian sea view and offers the best side of lifestyle experience options. The community holds a top-notch lifestyle and offers a range of high-end amenities in its heart to provide inhabitants a content life. 

Location Highlights 

Rashid Yachts Marina boasts the best location advantages, here the community is replete with various types of advantages including social and civic amenities, and other essential amenities. Lifestyle is quite appealing in this location and here you can get all the facilities within the community. 

For families, this is an ideal destination where they can easily spot schools for their kids. There are many reputed schools located in Rashid Yachts and Marina. Similarly, if you need any medical emergencies then also you can get it here.

All essential amenities are just a few minutes away from this community. That is not enough, Rashid Yachts & Marina offers smooth & seamless connectivity to many places which you can check out below.

Rashid Yachts & Marina offers robust public transportation so that residents here, can commute easily to other places such as Al Ghubaiba bus station, Dubai Dry Docks bus station and Caltex Reservoir bus station are just 15 minutes distance from the community and by using such mode of transpiration you can explore the city via roadways.  

Also, you can explore Dubai water taxi, for tourists the area provides ferry and water taxi services between the cruise terminal and Al Ghubaiba station. 

  • Dubai International Airport – 19 minutes 
  • Deira – 17 minutes
  • Burj Khalifa – 20 minutes
  • Al Ghubaiba – 34 minutes
  • Sheikh Zayed Road – 25 minutes
  • Dubai Creek Harbour – 25 minutes

Rashid Yachts & Marina Amenities 

Life at Rashid Yachts & Marina is indeed the best community that delivers all types of facilities. All social civic amenities and essential services are just within the community and offer a better lifestyle. Rashid Yachts & Marina boasts Dubai history and offers you exquisite Riviera lifestyle hence residents here would experience an appreciated lifestyle. 

Rashid Marina is home to several outstanding social civic amenities and the community holds a wide range of retail outlets, dining and entertainment options. Spinneys in Al Mankhool, al Madina Supermarket, Malabar Supermarket and AI Baraha Mini Mart LLC are some supermarkets located in the community. 

Similarly, the community is home to various residents and respects their faith and has allocated many places of worship like Mosqus, Church, and Temples inside the community. Bin Zayed Mosque, Masjid Hareb Bin Hareb and Ali Ibn Abi Talib Mosque are some reputed mosques there.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Holy Trinity Church and Maranatha Full Gospel Church are within 17-20 minutes. Shiva Temple, Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir and Shree Krishna Haveli are some famous temples located in the community. 

From here, you can explore the world’s iconic landmarks such Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, and the world’s largest Dubai mall. The community provides many reputed schools & universities and also for medical emergencies, you can visit many famous hospitals out there. 

Hence, Rashid Yachts & Marina is an ideal community for families and those who are looking for second homes, this location is the perfect place in Dubai. 

Other Amenities that enhance the ambiance of Rashid Yachts & Marina 

  • The largest canal Pool
  • High-end retail 
  • Numerous F & B options and Many more 
  • Panoramic Vista of the Arabian Sea
  • Parking area 
  • Public Transportation facilities 
  • Sports Facilities 

Master Community by Emaar

Rashid Yachts Marina is a Masterpiece community by Emaar Properties as mentioned above and it offers Arabian Gulf coast experience. The developer Emaar has built this community and introduced a sophisticated lifestyle. Rashid Yachts & Marina is nestled over 6.8 million square feet and conceptualised with seven districts, complete with a private beach and marina.  Let’s look at the master plan highlights of Rashid Yachts & Marina:

  • 100m Long Yachts 
  • 4,300 Wet Berths 
  • 6 Interconnected District Parks 
  • Floating Yacht Club
  • Queen Elizabeth 2
  • Monumental Landmark & Floating Hotel
  • Apartments Towers  

Property available in Rashid Yachts & Marina 

Rashid Yachts & Marina provides myriads of residential options and holds various low to mid-rise apartment projects. Apartments are the trending property in Rashid Yachts & Marian and are available at different prices. Here residents can choose 1, 2 , 3, 4 and 5 bed apartments. These properties are just superbly built and follow the cutting-edge technology, smart layout and best specification as well as designed by acclaimed architecture.The best part is residents here can enjoy complete serene water views right there abode and that is indeed blissful. 

Property prices 

If we talk about the property price in Rashid Yachts & Marina then according to Google data, then as of Q2, 2023 the average price per square foot is AED 2,000 and a 1 bed apartment average price is AED 1.5 million, a 2-bed average apartment price is AED 2.1 million. Similarly, a 3-bed apartment price is AED 4.9 million and a large 5-bed apartment will cost you around AED 5M-AED 10M.  

Average Property Prices in Rashid Yachts & Marina 

1 Bed Apartments AED 1,540,000
2 Bed ApartmentsAED 2,189,888
3 Bed ApartmentsAED 4,979,888

Organic Rental Demand & High Rental Yields

Due to its waterfront status property demands are quite high among end-users. You won’t believe the demands for second homes are highly increased in such types of waterfront areas, so is the rental demand hence investors can generate a good rental source by investing in Rashid Yachts & Marina property. Let’s 

Average Rental Price/ ROI In Rashid Yachts & Marina 

Property Types Rental Prices ROI (%)
StudioAED 38,999.506.70%
1-bed apartment AED 55,000 6.10%
2-bed apartments AED 75,5006.30%
3-bed apartments AED 105,0005.30%
4-bed apartments AED 147,5003.60%

In a Nutshell 

Rashid Yachts & Marina is a master plan community and holds all possible reasons that attract higher capital appreciation. It matches the current standard and also boasts trending projects whether it is an apartment in property types of water-front accommodation. Further, from here one can easily access Dubai International Airport and explore World- major iconic tower Burj Khalifa within 20 minutes of easy drive. 

Hence, all these key factors make Rashid Yachts & Marina a good area for investment that promises bulk returns on investment as you can see in the table above. Just be firm with your investment decision and check out some outstanding waterfront projects in this community. 


What types of property are available in Rashid Yachts & Marina Dubai?

Waterfront apartment property types in 1-5 bed options are available in Rashid Yachts & Marina. 

What is the average rental price for a studio apartment in Rashid Yachts & Marina?

AED 38,999.50 is the average rental price for a studio apartment in Rashid Yachts & Marina. 

What is the average ROI of a studio apartment in Rashid Yachts & Marina?

6.70% is the average ROI of a studio apartment in Rashid Yachts & Marina.

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